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About Sweetz & Co.

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Since 2005

I began my jewelry store in 2005 with the goal to create elegant pieces that are not just diamonds or gold bands.

As Sweetz & Co grew, customers wanted something unique so their memories could be saved for generations! So I learned how to create new designs from existing jewelry and turn them into something new.

Today, my team and I find lost treasures by going through auction houses, estate sales, etc., restoring long forgotten history and turning them into precious timepieces.
Rowena Olsen

Fine Estate Jewelry Made With Love

Looking for something unique and special? Our pieces are carefully chosen for their quality and rarity, and we take care to restore each piece to like-new condition. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or a loved one, you’ll find something special at Sweetz & Co.!

Custom and Unique Designs

For Sweetz & Co., each piece of jewelry is an opportunity to be creative and give customers something they never thought possible.

We often examine estate jewelry in order look at what makes these pieces special, not just by their history but also how we can make them even more attractive for today’s modern individual, with our own twist on them.

Repurposed designs from eras gone by that will appeal specifically towards your taste! This has always been the bedrock of our thinking: how can we improve our inventory to make it more unique?

Items that sit unsold, virtually unseen or glossed over seem to give rise to a new and exciting piece.

Often, in the nick of time and just before we gather a pile of deadened jewelry to send off to the refinery, we will suddenly envision ways to combine those same pieces and create something quite stunning from them.

Admittedly, they seems to automatically assemble themselves as if they had a mind of their own or were inspired into life by an unseen force. The Opal butterfly pendant, for example...

This was once just a butterfly Andamooka Opal pendant by itself…and, a large Boulder Opal pendant by itself.

Combining the two pendants, it became a dramatic and stunning piece that complimented each other. Alone, the butterfly was too “infantile”…and the Boulder Opal desperately needed something to draw out the striking colors from within its stone.


We like to think outside the box and would not hesitate to destroy, in order to recreate something better.

We have some very unique clientele. They are actually the ones who, if we listen to them, will give us unabashed and unsolicited hints at what they want. Whether price point or expensive, they have taught us that nothing is too great or small to overlook.